The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the adventures in rock climbing, mountaineering, rattlesnake rescue, and general crazy endeavors undertaken by a nuclear engineer living in Los Alamos, NM. The first few posts will likely be me playing catch up writing down some trip reports from a few adventures that happened this summer, but after I should be able to get things up pretty soon after they happen.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First time on ice!

A couple of videos from my first time on ice:

Drytooling in Pueblo Canyon vids.

Here are a couple of videos from my first time drytooling. The route shown in the vids is a dedicated drytooling route that is bolted. The rock is a kind of welded volcanic tuff that is basically crap for regular climbing, but works well for messing around on with sharp bits of metal.

More coming soon!

Well I'm going to be spending the next 2 weeks / 3 weekends in Denver, Co for some conferences. This means I'll be able to do some fun stuff on the weekend without having to drive for 6hrs.... I've also got two trips from the last two weekends to write up. Ice climbing at Lincoln falls on 10/26, Fletcher Mountain on 10/27, and Chief's Head peak on 11/2.